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BBC NEWS-"What's the Future for the Office?"


"...since the lockdown, almost half the UK's workforce say they have

been working from home - and some companies have hinted it could

become the future." (What's the future for the office?, BBC News, 2020)

BBC News reviews "life after lockdown" and states that working

from home is a lot more likely to continue from now on. No matter

how big or small your space is, we can fit multi-functional office

furniture made-to-measure. This will allow you to your home and

workplace in one location. 

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CAPITAL-"The Environmental Benefits of Remote Working"

"...working from home provides many benefits including increased productivity, reduced business costs and a healthier lifestyle. But, did you know that working remotely is also good for the environment?" (The Environmental Benefits of Remote Working - Capital GES, 2019)












   Sinead from Capital, Global Employment Solutions, lists the way in which remote working is beneficial for our environment. This includes favours such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions, reducing fuel usage, less office waste and less energy usage. 


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