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Not only do our manufacturers use the latest technology, the production process is designed to cater to a high level of customisation; giving our many customers total freedom to design the furniture that solves any practical challenges while maintaining a contemporary design with up to date colours and finishes. 

Apart from limitations caused by material or safety issues, our statement will always stand as: if you can think it, we can make it! 

Don't limit yourself to standard solutions. Work with us to create the right and complete solution.  

The Made-in-Europe products from one of our manufacturers, JJP, are all made of high-quality, raw materials. Furthermore, the medium and high density boards are covered with high resistance melamine and lacquers which proves, protects and provides a classy finish. All of our metal parts and hardware are sourced in Europe and have high resistance powder coatings. By having a station-by-station quality control system (carried out by professional craftsmen), we can ensure a high level of finished products to every client. 

Instead of dreaming of the perfect room, make it happen. Our plush designs are one of a kind and will make any room into a serene space. As well as our impeccable quality and tailor-made style, our furniture will present a beautifully defined, Scandinavian finish. This will provide your space with class, vibrance and personality. Whatever you want, we will construct. 

Beautiful quality sofa-beds with a range of different designs, colours and fabrics to choose from. We work hard alongside one of the best manufacturers to give you high-quality, lifetime-lasting pieces of furniture with "H2Oh" finishes. This is an application that allows you to clean and wipe off even the toughest of stains with the simple solution of water. 

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