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Your design process is completely free of charge; no extra costs!


Your first step of the process is to discuss with us what your ideas are for your space(s). We will discuss your necessities, colour palette, primary and secondary uses, budget and timeline. 


It is important that you send us the exact measurements of your space, including the location or doors/windows so that we can create an accurate 3D render of your space.

Don't worry, Before going ahead we will visit and double check measurements. This also includes position and measurements of doors, windows, radiators/sockets. We are also happy to arrange home visits to help with any questions!


Once we have an idea of what you're looking for and we have the measurements of your space, we will then design your space, tailoring it to your needs. This process with involve both yourself and us, to ensure that our designs are exactly what you want. We will send over our designs and you can come back with what you like, and what needs tweaking.

Our no limit customisation makes it possible to create the perfect solution. 


When we have created your dream space and you feel like it's ready to go, we will then do a final check to make sure that all the final touches are exactly what you wanted. This includes a detailed written confirmation of all parts of furniture and a walk through of the final 3D render. At this point, we also make the final measurements.  


Once the purchase has been made, we will then have all the products made-to-measure for your space and delivered to your property. Don't worry, you won't have to put them together yourself! We will have a team of our finest fitters to install everything for you.

Our professional fitting includes final adjustments, cleaning and removal of all packaging material


The last and most important step of all is that you get to enjoy your brand new space, which has been tailor-made to your style and needs. What could be better?

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